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Online Applications To EMU Have Begun With Great Interest

Online Applications To EMU Have Begun With Great Interest
Published Date: Friday, 22 May 2020

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), considering the pandemic process, has announced that students will be selected online this year via the student Selection, Placement and Scholarship System. According to the decision made during the EMU Senate meeting held 29th April 2020, students that graduate from the 12th grade this year or graduated from high school previously, will be able to apply to study in EMU programs via a created online application system, and they will be placed in to programs based on the evaluation of their success during their high school education. The students that register to programs at EMU during the 2020 – 2021 Academic year, will have their high school success evaluated upon the same system, in order to study as scholarship students. The students in receipt of scholarships will unconditionally continue to receive it during the duration of their program. Candidates may make their applications for free on the EMU Student Selection, Placement and Scholarship System during the18th May - 10th June, 2020 via the online address The placement results will be announced on 19th June 2020.

How will the Evaluation be Done?

Students graduating from high school this year will have their 9th, 10th and 11th grade average evaluated to find their artihemetic grade average, via their report cards that state their year average grades. In this way the students High School Success Points (LBP) will be obtained. Students who graduated previously wil have their graduation grade taken in to consideration.

Various Scholarship Opportunities for Students

Candidates placed in a program in first place and have an LBP above 8.50, will receive 100% scholarship. Students placed in 2nd and 3rd place and have and an LBP above 7.00, will receive 75% scholarship and those placed in 4th and 5th place and have an LBP above 7.00 wil receive 50% scholarships. 

Special Discounts for Siblings and EMU Personnel

Those who have the right to enroll in any EMU program (except for Medicine and Dentistry programs) in the year they graduate, and who have graduated with a first in a TRNC high school or equivalent, will receive 100% scholarship. 25% tuition fee discount will be applied to the children of EMU graduates from undergraduate or associate degree programs (except Medicine and Dentistry programs). This scholarship will be applied as 50% if both the mother and the father of the relevant student are EMU graduates. At the same time, a 25% tuition fee discount will be applied for each of the first two brothers who are eligible for the EMU undergraduate or associate degree programs, and 75% for the third and later siblings.
Discounts applied to three siblings will also be applied if two siblings and one parent are in undergraduate or associate degree programs. A 50% tuition fee discount will be applied to EMU staff children or staff children who have worked and retired for at least 15 years, excluding Medicine and Dentistry programs.

Examinations will be Done for Medicine and Dentistry Programs

Exams will be held for EMU International collaborative programs. The examinations for the EMU and and Marmara University Medicine collaborative program and the EMU and Health Sciences University collaborative Dentistry programs, will be held on Thursday 18th June 2020, between 10:30-13:00, in one seating at the EMU campus and a centre in Istanbul to be confirmed. For each candidate who has completed the application processes completely, a photo Exam Entry Document containing the personal information of the candidate will be prepared by the system. In this document, the candidate's name, surname, candidate number, and exam hall where he / she will take the exam will be written. Upon entry to the exam, the candidates must have with them a print version of this Exam Entry Document.

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