MATH103- Mathematics for Business and Ecconomics - I

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The Aim of the Course

Linear equations. Radical equations. Rational equations. Absolute value equalities. Quadratic equations. Linear inequalities. Absolute value inequalities. Quadratic inequalities. Rational inequalities. Rectangular coordinates. Linear functions. Lines. Paralel lines, Perpendicular lines.  Applications of linear functions; revenue, cost, profit applications, break – even point and equilibrium point. Linear inequalities. Applications of linear inequalities. Multiproduct Analysis. Systems of linear equations; 2x2, 3x3, 2x3 and 3x2 systems. Unique solution, infinitly many solution and no solution cases. Applications to the systems of linear equations. Quadratic functions. Parabolas. Applications of quadratic functions; revenue, cost, profit applications. Compound interest. Present value. Systems of linear inequalities. Linear Programming. Corner point method. LP Applications. Vectors. Matrices. Matrix operations. Transpose of a matrix. Determinants; determinants of 2x2 and 3x3 matrices.  Applications of matrices.


Dr. F. B. Rizaner (01,06), Dr. Şerife Bekar (02,03), Dr. H. Kaffaoğlu (04),Asst. Prof. N. Şemi (05)


Tutorial 1 - Equations

Tutorial 2 - Inequalities

Tutorial 3 - Sysytems and Applications of the systems

Tutorial 4 - Linear Functions with applications

Tutorial 5 - Linear Programming with LP applications

Tutorial 6 - Quadratic Functions with applications

Tutorial 7 - Mathematics of Finance

Tutorial 8- Matrix Algebra

Lecture Notes

The Equations
The Inequalities
The systems with applications
Linear Functions
Applications of linear functions and inequalities
Linear Programming
Quadratic Functions with applications
Mathematical Finance

Matrix Algebra


Sample Exam & Quiz Questions and Solutions

Midterm1 Exam, Fall 2018-19
Midterm1 Exam, Spring  2018-19

Grading System

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