MATH104 Mathematics for Business & Economics II

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The Aim of the Course

Matrices and determinants; Applications. Solution of systems of linear equations; Inverse matrix method, Cramer's rule. Rate of change. Derivatives. Higher order derivatives. Curve sketching. Optimization. Revenue, cost, profit applications. Cost-benefit analysis. Functions of several variables. Partial derivatives. Applications. Lagrange multipliers. Integrals. Definite Integrals. Areas, Applications.


Asst. Prof. N. Şemi (01, 02), Dr. F. B. Rizaner (03), Dr. H. Kaffaoğlu (04)


Tutorial 1 - Functions

Tutorial 2 - Limits, Continuity and the Derivative of Functions

Tutorial 3 - Chain Rule, Tangent Line, First derivative and Second derivative Tests

Tutorial 4 - Applications of Derivatives

Tutorial 5 - Application of the Derivatives and Elasticity

Tutorial 6 - Bivariate functions, Cross Elasticity and Lagrange

Tutorial 7 - Indefinite and Definite integrals, Producer's and Consumer's Surplus

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Midterm2 Exam, Fall 2017-18
Midterm2 Exami Spring  2017-18
Midterm1 Exam, Fall 2018-19
Midterm1 Exam, Spring 2006-07
Final Examination, Spring 2006-07
Quiz I, Spring 2007-08
Quiz II, Spring 2007-08

Quiz I, Spring 2006-07
Quiz II, Spring 2006-07

Quiz III, Spring 2006-07

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