Term Projects:

Proposals to be submitted by: March 1, 2024

You should choose a research area related with the course outline.

Find at least two related recent (published from 2020 to 2024) papers in your selected area.

Intermediate Reports and short presentations due: week of March 25, 2024

Present your initial findings in at most 10 minutes.

Intermediate Reports should be at most 10 pages long.

Explain your topic, why you chose it, and its importance, summarize the papers you read, and discuss what else you will do before the end of the semester.

Suggested Template for Intermediate Reports:

1. Cover Page (Course Code and Title, your id number, Name, Last Name, Report Title, Your Topic, Date Submitted)

2. Outline (Section titles - thier page numbers)

3. Introduction (Your topic and its relation to Multimedia Systems should be very briefly explained - 1 page)

4. Brief explanation of your papers (2 pages each)

5. Your remarks on papers and your topic (in your words, 2-3 pages)

6. What you will do in the rest of the semester (1 page)

7. References (Your original 2 papers and others that you find important - 1 page)

In your presentations and reports, DO NOT USE AI tools such as ChatGPT directly.

Final Presentations are to be done during the last week of classes

Final Reports are due June 8,2024. (at most 20 pages long, to be checked by Turnitin for plagiarism)

Detailed information to be given later.