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Internet links related with the course and the projects, which may be useful for you, will be listed on this page.

Please report links that do not work to Prof. Isik AYBAY.

1. Overview, structure of the requirements document :

2. Introduction to RE, chapter 4 in Requirements Management by Hood et al., from Springer:

  (must be accessed from EMU or through EMU Library)

3. Importance of RE and security RE :  (Carnegie Mellon Univ.)

4. Elicitation:

5. Elicitation case studies:

6. Requirements prioritization:

7. Requirements prioritization case study using AHP:

8. RE annotated bibliography:

9. CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Getting Started::

10. SEI CMMI Overview:

11. CMMI for Development Version 1.3 :

12. Handbook for Software Cost Estimation (NASA JPL):

13. Project Management Guidebook - System Requirements Analysis section (State of New York, USA) :

14. Requirements Engineering: A roadmap:

15. "Software Cost Estimation" by F.J. Heemstra, Information and Software Technology, Vol. 34, No. 10, pp: 627-639, October 1992.

You can download Heemstra's estimation paper here:

16. John Musser's slide set:

17. A. Aurum and C. Wohlin (eds), Engineering and Managing Software Requirements, Springer, 2005.

18. IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specication:

Recent references (added in Fall 2019)

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