Eastern Mediterranean University

CMPE-581 Modeling Multimedia Systems –

Spring 2023/2024      Prof. Dr. I. AYBAY

Course Objectives:

Multimedia systems have become very popular after 1990's, and extensive software has been developed for multimedia. However, there is a lack of formalism in modeling multimedia systems. Furthermore, the affects of network parameters on distributed and/or real-time multimedia systems are not studied well.

The aim of this course is to analyze various recent issues related with multimedia systems, focusing on the modeling of real-time multimedia systems and networking.

Course Contents:    (tentative)

  1. Introduction to multimedia
  2. Sending multimedia information on digital networks
  3. Digital representations of multimedia information ( Storage, audio, video, common data formats, signals, A-D conversion, sampling, quantization)
  4. Distributed multimedia systems
  5. Coding and audio-data-video compression methods
  6. Distributed multimedia applications over computer networks and the Internet ( TCP/IP, network architectures, multimedia requirements )
  7. Synchronization of multimedia presentations, temporal synchronization models for interactive multimedia system
  8. Video-on-Demand systems
  9. Wireless systems and multimedia

Term Projects:

Proposals to be submitted by: March 1, 2024

Intermediate Reports and short presentations due: week of midterms (March 25-29, 2024)

Final presentations are due: last week of classes

Final Reports are due: end of first week of final exams.

For detailed term project information, please refer to the labs page


Term Project %50, Final Exam %50.

Text-book :

Instead of a text-book, recently published papers shall be used. Some reference books will stated in class.