First thing you should do is: find term project partners and prepare a Proposal by October 13, 2023.

Groups will have 3 students. They can be formed by students from preferrably the same lecture group.

The name of the Team Leader should be indicated in your proposal.

Standards for Requirements

• IEEE Std 1233-98  is for system requirements specification. This standard was replaced by ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148:2011, which provides additional guidance in the application of RE and requirements management processes.

• IEEE Std 1465-98  is a guideline for quality requirements in software packages.

• IEEE Std 830-98 is a guideline for the production and content of the software requirements specification.

• ISO/IEC 25030:2007 is a guideline for software product quality requirements and evaluation. It applies the quality model defined in ISO/IEC 9126-1 , and it complies with the requirement processes defined in ISO/IEC 15288 [28], which is a system engineering standard.

• ISO/IEC TR 24766:2009 is a guideline or RE tool capabilities.

(from: Requirements Eng (2015) 20:119–138, Ouhbi et al.)