Term Project Information 

Topic: This semester's Cmse321 Term Project topic is designing a Real Estate Search portal. The idea is to serve customers looking for accommodation. You should find some good and dependable North Cyprus Real Estate sites selling/renting houses/flats/land . Then, when a customer logs on to the portal, he/she will select some search items and fill them to indicate his/her wishes. The system will then search items with desired properties available in Real Estate sites and list them. More information will follow later.

Tasks: Develop specifications/requirements for your system.

Deadline for the complete product (Requirements Document): First week of January 2024.

Students will work in groups of three – find yourself project partners as soon as possible.

Assistant: Nada Kollah

During the semester, you will be asked to submit a number of progress reports, discussing the current status of your project (free format, 2-3 pages each)

Intermediate presentations are done on the week of November 6, 2023 - and Intermediate Reports are submitted by November 10, 2023.

Final presentations will be done on the last week of December 2023, every student must present his/her work.

Final Reports are due January 3, 2024.

Suggested Final Report Format:

       (Maximum no. of pages: 20, excluding appendix)

Cover page
1. Introduction (why is this system needed (purpose), system scope, operating environment, design and implementation constraints)
2. Project Management  (timeline, work distribution, meetings,...)
3. Overall Description (include System Architecture, Use Cases, Class diagrams, Modular Hierarchy Diagrams)
4. Functional Requirements (Organize with respect to subsystems)
5. Non-functional/Quality Requirements
6. User Interface – brief description, provide a couple of diagrams.
7. Conclusion


Appendix (you may place large diagrams/figures here and refer to them in text)