Term Project Information 

Topic: To be announced

Details will follow later.

Tasks: Develop specifications/requirements for your system.

Deadline for the complete product (Requirements Document): First week of January 2022.

Students will work in groups of four – find yourself project partners as soon as possible.

Assistant: To be announced

During the semester, you will be asked to submit a number of progress reports, discussing the current status of your project (free format, 2-3 pages each)

Intermediate presentations and reports are due  November 16 -19, 2021 - details will be given later

Final presentations and reports are due January 14, 2022 - details will be given later

Suggested Intermediate Report Format:
       (Maximum no. of pages: 8)

1. Cover page
2. Outline
3. Introduction
4. Project Management plan (timeline, work distribution, meetings,...)
5. Information collection method, interviews, research
6. Analysis of some similar systems (Weaknesses/problems)
7. Proposed structure of your new system
8. Conclusion
9. References

Suggested Final Report Format:
       (Maximum no. of pages: 20, excluding appendix)

1. Cover page
2. Outline
3. Introduction (why is this system needed, how does it fit into the environment, system scope)
4. Project Management  (timeline, work distribution, meetings,...)
5. Solution methodology (include System Architecture and Modular Hierarchy Diagrams)
6. Functional Requirements
7. Non-functional/Quality Requirements
8. User Interface - briefly
9. Conclusion
10. References