Thesis Supervision

Supervised MS/PhD Students:

PhD Thesis Students:

  1. Felix O. Babalola (PhD): A Multimodal Hand Vein Database and Recognition System, graduated in July 2022.

  2. İmren Toprak (PhD): Spoof Detection on Ear Biometrics, graduated in December 2019.
  3. Shahram Taheri (PhD): Fusion of Hand-crafted Descriptors with CNN-based Features for Facial Age Estimation, graduated in January 2019.
  4. Esra’a R. A. Alqaralleh (PhD): Person Recognition Through Profile Faces Using Ear Biometrics, graduated in March 2018.
  5. Ayman I. M. Afaneh (PhD): Distinguishing Identical Twins Using Facial Images and Various Feature Extractors, graduated in February 2018.
  6. Mina Farmanbar (PhD): Efficient Multimodal Biometric Systems Using Palmprint and Face, graduated in February 2016.
  7. Cem Kalyoncu (PhD): Plant Leaf Classification, graduated in August 2015.
  8. Shima Izadpanahi (PhD):Human Age Classification Using Geometric Ratios and Wrinkle Analysis, graduated in June 2014.
  9. Maryam Eskandari (PhD):Fusion of Face and Iris Biometrics for Person Identity Verification, graduated in May 2014.

MS Thesis Students:

1. Hasan Erbilen (MS Thesis): On The Use of Finger Knuckle Patterns for Person Identification, September 2022.

2. Samaneh Sarfarazi (MS Thesis): Brain Tumor Classification Using Deep Learning Through MRI Images, July 2022.

3. Abdolrahman Farshgar (MS Thesis): Fusion of Palmprint, Palm Vein and Dorsal Hand Vein for Personal Identification, September 2020.

4. Oluwamuyiwa Q. Akinpelu (MS Thesis): Palmprint and Face Biometrics for Person Authentication Using Color Images, August 2020.

5. Ibrahim Isah (MS Thesis): Identification Of Plant Diseases Using Gray-Level And Color-Based Features Of Leaf Images, July 2020.

6. Mohammad Mehdi Pazouki (MS Thesis): Color-Based Face Recognition with Different Color Spaces and Image Quality Assessment, June 2020.

7. Kevin C. Nwigbo (MS Thesis): Fruit Classification Using Global and Local Descriptors, graduated in January 2020. 

8. Suleiman Usman (MS Thesis): Plant Disease Classification Using Texture-based Methods Through Leaf Images, graduated in May 2019.

9. Habib Hussaini (MS Thesis): Iris Anti-Spoofing Using Image Quality measures, graduated in January 2019.

10. Shaafan J. Othman (MS Thesis): Animal Classification Using Appearance-Based, Model-Based and Texture-Based Methods, graduated in November 2018.

11. Shvan A. Saeed (MS Thesis): Texture Classification Using Texture-based Feature Extraction Algorithms,  graduated in November 2018.

12. Parichehr Behjati Ardakani (MS Thesis): Gender Classification Using Local Binary Patterns and Its Variants, graduated in September 2016.

13. Cengiz Kandemir (MS Thesis): Impulse Noise Removal Using Unbiased Weighted Mean Filter, graduated in July 2015.

14. Hayman Salih Mohammed (MS Thesis): A Comparative Study on Palmprint Recognition, graduated in September 2014.

15. Fatemeh Mirzaei (MS Thesis) : Age Classification using Facial Feature Extraction, graduated in January 2011.

16. Maryam Eskandari (MSThesis ) : Recognition of Iris Images in the Presence of Noise, graduated in September 2009.

17. Meryem Erbilek (MS Thesis) : Iris Recognition Using Partitioning-based and Subpattern-based Approaches, graduated in August 2009.

18. Siamak Tafavogh (MS Thesis) : Facial Expression Recognition Using Holistic and Subpattern-based Approaches, graduated in June 2009.

19. Hüseyin Sertbay (MS Thesis) : Effect of Aging on Face Recognition, graduated in June 2009.

20. Tiwuya H. Faaya (MS Thesis) : Recognition of Facial Expressions and Faces under Different Illumination Conditions and Occlusions, graduated in June 2008.

MS Project Students:

  1. John Katende (MS Project): Gender Recognition Via Voice Using Logistic Regression, June 2022.
  2. Muhammad Abba Ismaila (MS Project): Synthesized Iris Detection Using Image Quality Assessment, June 2021.
  3. Mustapha Babayo Zaki (MS Project): Semantic Image Inpainting, December 2020.
  4. Abdulhameed A. Abdulkareem (MS Project): Face Anti-Spoofing Using Image Quality Metrics, January 2018.

Ongoing PhD. Thesis Students:

  1. Fuat Uyguroğlu (PhD)
  2. Samaneh Sarfarazi (PhD)
  3. Nada Kollah (PhD)

Ongoing MS Thesis Students:

  1. İbrahim Fırat (MS)
  2. Ali Torbati (MS)
  3. Irene K. Atamba (MS)
  4. Sameh Makkie (MS)
  5. Shehu Hamidu (MS)
  6. Erce Öztürk (MS)
  7. Yasemin Keskin (MS)

Ongoing MS Project Students:

  1. Nekabari Isabella Kpai (MS)