Thesis Supervision

Supervised MS/PhD Students:

PhD Thesis Students:

  1. Felix O. Babalola (PhD): A Multimodal Hand Vein Database and Recognition System, graduated in July 2022.

  2. İmren Toprak (PhD): Spoof Detection on Ear Biometrics, graduated in December 2019.
  3. Shahram Taheri (PhD): Fusion of Hand-crafted Descriptors with CNN-based Features for Facial Age Estimation, graduated in January 2019.
  4. Esra’a R. A. Alqaralleh (PhD): Person Recognition Through Profile Faces Using Ear Biometrics, graduated in March 2018.
  5. Ayman I. M. Afaneh (PhD): Distinguishing Identical Twins Using Facial Images and Various Feature Extractors, graduated in February 2018.
  6. Mina Farmanbar (PhD): Efficient Multimodal Biometric Systems Using Palmprint and Face, graduated in February 2016.
  7. Cem Kalyoncu (PhD): Plant Leaf Classification, graduated in August 2015.
  8. Shima Izadpanahi (PhD):Human Age Classification Using Geometric Ratios and Wrinkle Analysis, graduated in June 2014.
  9. Maryam Eskandari (PhD):Fusion of Face and Iris Biometrics for Person Identity Verification, graduated in May 2014.

MS Thesis Students:

  1. Yasemin Keskin (MS Thesis): Underwater Image Enhancement Using Fusion of Different Techniques, September 2023.
  2. Sameh Makkie (MS Thesis): Unconstrained and Constrained Ear Recognition Using Deep Learning Architectures, July 2023.
  3. Irene K. Atamba (MS Thesis): Classification of Vegetable Images Using Texture and Color Features, February 2023.  
  4. Shehu Hamidu (MS Thesis): Finger Knuckle Pattern Recognition Through The Fusion of Major and Minor Knuckles, February 2023.
  5. Ali Torbati (MS Thesis): Comparison of Masked and Unmasked Face Recognition Performance with Hand-Crafted Methods, February 2023.
  6. Hasan Erbilen (MS Thesis): On The Use of Finger Knuckle Patterns for Person Identification, September 2022.
  7. Samaneh Sarfarazi (MS Thesis): Brain Tumor Classification Using Deep Learning Through MRI Images, July 2022.
  8. Abdolrahman Farshgar (MS Thesis): Fusion of Palmprint, Palm Vein and Dorsal Hand Vein for Personal Identification, September 2020.
  9. Oluwamuyiwa Q. Akinpelu (MS Thesis): Palmprint and Face Biometrics for Person Authentication Using Color Images, August 2020.
  10. Ibrahim Isah (MS Thesis): Identification Of Plant Diseases Using Gray-Level And Color-Based Features Of Leaf Images, July 2020.
  11. Mohammad Mehdi Pazouki (MS Thesis): Color-Based Face Recognition with Different Color Spaces and Image Quality Assessment, June 2020.
  12. Kevin C. Nwigbo (MS Thesis): Fruit Classification using Global and Local Descriptors, January 2020.
  13. Suleiman A. Usman (MS Thesis): Plant Disease Classification Using Texture-based Methods Through Leaf Images, May 2019.
  14. Hussaini Habib (MS Thesis): Iris Anti-Spoofing Using Image Quality Measures, January 2019.
  15. Shvan A. Saeed (MS Thesis): Texture Classification Using Texture-based Feature Extraction Algorithms, November 2018.
  16. Shaafan J. Othman (MS Thesis): Animal Classification Using Appearance-Based, Model-Based and Texture-Based Methods, November 2018.
  17. Parichehr B. Ardakani (MS Thesis): Gender Classification Using Local Binary Patterns Approach and Its Variants, September 2016.
  18. Cengiz Kandemir (MS Thesis): Impulse Noise Removal Using Unbiased Weighted Mean Filter, July 2015.
  19. Hayman S. Mohammed (MS Thesis): A Comparative Study on Palmprint Recognition, September 2014.
  20. Fatemeh Mirzaei (MS Thesis) : Age Classification using Facial Feature Extraction, January 2011.
  21. Maryam Eskandari (MS Thesis) : Recognition of Iris Images in the Presence of  Noise, September 2009.
  22. Meryem Erbilek (MS Thesis) : Iris Recognition Using Partitioning-based and Subpattern-based Approaches, August 2009
  23. Siamak Tafavogh (MS Thesis) : Facial Expression Recognition Using Holistic and Subpattern-based Approaches, June 2009.
  24. Hüseyin Sertbay (MS Thesis) : Effect of Aging on Face Recognition, June 2009
  25. Tiwuya H. Faaya (MS Thesis) : Recognition of Facial Expressions and Faces under Different Illumination Conditions and Occlusions, June 2008

MS Project Students:

  1. Nekabari Isabella Kpai (MS Project): Apple Leaf Disease Classification Based on AlexNet and Binarized Statistical Image Features, January 2023.
  2. John Akinkunle Katende (MS Project): Gender Recognition Via Voice Using Logistic Regression, June 2022.
  3. Muhammad Abba Ismaila (MS Project): Synthesized Iris Detection Using Image Quality Assessment, June 2021.
  4.  Mustapha Babayo Zaki (MS Project): Semantic Image Inpainting, December 2020.
  5.  Abdulhameed A. Abdulkareem (MS Project): Face Anti-Spoofing Using Image Quality Metrics, January 2018.

Ongoing PhD. Thesis Students:

  1. Fuat Uyguroğlu (PhD)
  2. Samaneh Sarfarazi (PhD)
  3. Nada Kollah (PhD)

Ongoing MS Thesis Students:

  1. Erce Öztürk (MS)
  2. Zeinab Jabbarbabouei (MS)
  3. Leila Mohammadian Vaighan (MS)
  4. Ebtihal Enfes (MS)