CMSE-326 Software Quality Assurance and Testing

              Spring 2019/2020 – Prof. Dr. I. AYBAY

Note: Please send Miss Begüm your Whatsapp numbers and current e-mail adresses as soon as possible.

Dear Students, Emu Senate has decided to start online education from March 23. The first week will be an orientation. Each of you is assigned a new email address for Teams platform as Please activate it urgently. You are already added in the class of cmse326 in Microsoft Team. 

Keep checking class in Team and announcements here in our web page for further information. 

Dear Students, the compulsory break is extended to March 27. In the meantime, please make sure your group has selected the Turkish university for your term project, report your choice to assistant Begüm by email, and start working on your project. We hope to see you soon. 

Term Project Topic :  Test the Web site of a Turkish university and discuss the Quality aspects of the site.

     (Check the Labs page for the list of Turkish universities that can not be considered)

Project group numbers are announced, pelase check the Labs page.

*** Course assistant is Ms. Begum Koru (office: room 104)

Download    Software Testing Tutorial

Previous announcements:

There is Lab. this week on Friday March 6, at 14.30, in Lab. 236 (tutorial on testing tools). Presence is compulsory.

Term Project GROUPS of 3 must be formed by February 27, 2019

Submit a Proposal  showing the names/id numbers of group members and indicate the team leader