CMSE326 Spring 2019/20


Term Project Topic :

          Testing and comparing two newspaper web sites: one in North Cyprus and one in another country (in English)

*** Students will work in groups of THREE

You can download the list of testing tools here.

Suggested format for Intermediate Reports:

       (Maximum no. of pages: 8, excluding cover)

1. Cover page

2. Outline (1 page)

3. Introduction (1 page)

4. Project Management Plan (timeline, work distribution, meetings,...)

5. Brief information about the Web site - what you have learned so far (explain how pages are organized, what type of info. is provided, etc.)

6. Overview of your Testing Strategy - (how are you going to test the Web site,  how are you going to assess its quality, and discuss the web testing tools you have found/selected)

7. Details of your Test Plan (explain briefly the tests you are going to perform)

8. List of tests you have performed so far

9. Tests you plan to conduct ın the second part of the semester

10. Conclusion

11. References 

Suggested format for Final Reports:

       (Maximum no. of pages: 20, excluding appendix)

1. Cover page

2. Outline

3. Introduction

4. Project Management Plan (timeline, work distribution, meetings, who did what)

5. Information about the  Web sites

6. Overview of your Testing Strategy - how did you test the sites, how did you assess their quality?

7. Testing Details (explain the tests you performed according to your test plan and their results)

8. Discussion on Test results (bugs discovered, reasons and how to remove them)

9. Discussion on the quality of the Web sites and suggested improvements

10. Conclusion

11. References

12. Appendix