There will be no seminar on 18.05.2022. 

1 Prof. Dr. Işık Aybay16.03.2022 16:30Information about Department/Bölüm Hakkında Genel BilgiDepartment chair CMPE, EMUEnglish/Turkish

Asst. Prof. Dr. Cem Ergün23.03.2022 16:30CMPE-CMSE-BLGM Curriculums and RulesCMPE, EMUEnglish/ Turkish
3 Prof. Dr. Zeki Bayram30.03.2022 16:30Accreditations of programs CMPE and CMSE -ABETAbet CoordinatorCMPE, EMUEnglish/Turkish
4 Prof. Dr. Omar Ramadan6.04.2022 16:30Summer Training Rules and RegulationsSummer training Coordinator CMPE, EMUEnglish/

Assoc. Prof.Dr. Adnan Acan13.04.2022 16:30Human- Computer InteractionCMPE, EMUEnglish/Turkish

There is no credit for this course. This course will continue with seminars given by faculty members in the department and professionals working in the sector. There will be no seminars for the first two weeks because registrations are still going on. Necessary announcements will be made regularly from here and also on the teams group.

Another thing is that new joint team group will be opened for all students under CMPE/CMSE/BLGM 100. For time being, I will make the announcements from here. Don’t worry, You will be automatically transferred to the joint group.

You may miss only 2 of the seminars that will be held during the semester.
Otherwise, you will fail the course.
There will be more seminars after midterm. We are planning to make 8 seminars in total.
The schedule is given until the midterm exams.
Dates may change. Please follow the schedule here regularly.