Courses Taught

BÖTE112 Computer in Education (delivered in Turkish)

BÖTE212 Material Design and Use in Education (delivered in Turkish)

BÖTE218 Instructional Technologies and Material Design (delivered in Turkish)

BÖTE223 Instructional Design (delivered in Turkish)

BÖTE225 Instructional Design  (delivered in Turkish)

BÖTE314 History of Science  (delivered in Turkish)

BÖTE315 Teaching Methods in Computer and Instructional Tech. - I  (delivered in Turkish)

BÖTE324 Applications of Service to Community (delivered in Turkish)

BÖTE410 School Experience I  (delivered in Turkish)

BÖTE420 School Experience II  (delivered in Turkish)

CITE112 Computers in Education

CITE204 Instructional Design

CITE211 Instructional Technologies

BSCI303 History of Science

CITE310 Applications of Service to Community

CITE336 Instructional Technology and Material Design

ICTE501 Instructional Design

ICTE503 Research Methods in Education (Research Methods in Computer and Instructional Technologies Education)

ICTE513 Instructional Message Design

Teaching English as a Foreign Language at all levels (FLEPS)

  • A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 & C2 (CEFR levels)