CITE112 Computers in Education


This course is about how computers are used in education and thus it focuses on information technologies. In this respect the course will cover topics such as

  • the categories of educational technology (social technologies, tutorial software, tests, creativity and productivity software, etc.);
  • learning theories related to educational technologies;
  • recent trends in learning theories;
  • designing educational materials;
  • theme based material design;
  • digital literacies;
  • desktop publishing;
  • evaluating educational materials.


The subject is designed to help learners develop broad knowledge in integrating ICTs to education.  In this respect, upon the completion of the course students will be able to

  • identify the characteristics and roles of 21st century teachers & learners,
  • integrate technology and media into instruction based on learning theories,
  • develop knowledge in Web 2.0 tools, educational materials and activities,
  • evaluate educational materials and technology,
  • enhance teaching and learning process with multimedia,
  • produce electronic tutorials and quizzes.