ICTE503 Research Methods in Computer and Instructional Technologies Education

Course Description:

The subject is designed to help learners develop broad knowledge in research design in instructional technologies. The course covers topics such as research approaches, research methods, data collection methods, analysing, interpreting and reporting data, sampling and ethical concerns of research. Moreover, the course touches upon issues such as plagiarism, referencing, and searching for and accessing academic sources.


The aim of this course is to enable students develop theoretical insight and practical skills required to design, conduct, analyse, and report on both empirical and theoretical research. In this respect, at the end of the course students are expected to:

  • develop knowledge and skills about the concepts related to scientific research
  • develop knowledge and skills regarding the steps of a research study
  • investigate research design and methodology written in the field of computer and instructional technology
  • develop an understanding of the quantitative and qualitative paradigms in planning and conducting a research study
  • develop skills required to design and conduct a research study using quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods
  • develop a working understanding of research methods and designs for educational settings
  • develop an awareness of ethical issues to be followed in designing and conducting a research in education
  • distinguish among the different types of research designs and data collection and analysis methods
  • develop an awareness of quantitative and qualitative data collection instruments
  • develop quantitative and/or qualitative data collection instruments related to the topic of investigation. 

Suggested software:

Express Scribe Transcription Software (download exe)