Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Alexander CHEFRANOV received his diploma of Engineer-Mathematician in Apllied Mathematics from Taganrog Radio-Engineering Institute, Taganrog, USSR, 1978. He worked as a Reserch Fellow in the Scientific-Research Institute of Multiprocessor Systems, Taganrog, in 1978-1984. He received Candidate of Engineering Sciences (PhD) in Computer Engineering from the Taganrog Radio-Engineering Institute (TREI), Taganrog, USSR, in1984.  He was appointed as Assistant Professor in 1984 at the Department of Software Engineering, TREI. He received the cerificate of Docent of the Department of Software Engineering in 1987. He was a Docent of the Department of Software Enginering, Taganrog State Radio-Engineerng University (TSREU) in 1986-1998. In 1998, he receved the diploma of Doctor of Engineering Sciences in 1998, and served as the Professor of the department in TSREU, Taganrog, Russia, in 1998-2002. He received the certificate of the Professor of the Department of Software Engineering in 2001.

Since 2002, Prof. Chefranov was a Visiting Associate Professor (till 2009), Associate Professor (till 2021), and Professor (since 2021) of the Department of Computer Engineering, Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, North Cyprus