16.11.2023. MT Exam 11.11.2023 solutions are here. The papers can be checked tomorrow, 17.11.2023, Friday, 10.00-10.30, CMPE-219.

07.11.2023. CMSE443 MT Exam 11.11.2023, Saturday, 10.30, will cover the following material: RTS Introduction, and RTS Hardware (slides 1-82). Three A4-sized double sided sheets of paper with your own handwritings can be used for your help. Calculators, telephones, other electronic devices are not allowed.

22.10.2023. CMPE/CMSE-443 RTSD Lab 2 task is available in Labs. To be reported on December 7, 2023

18.10.2023. CMPE/CMSE-443 RTSD Term Project Task is available in Homeworks. To be reported 25.12.2023

04.10.2023. Lab 1 task is available in Labs. To be reported 26.10.2023