Lab3 GLR attack on NTRU for integers. Posted 14.12.2020, to be defended 06.01.2021. Defense of Lab 3 is shofted to 13.01.2021

Lab 2 NTRU for polynomials Posted 17.11.2020. To be defended 23.12.2020

NTRU for integers: Lab 1, 04-18.11.2020. To be reported on 18.11.2020

 Send the list of your group members tand people you want to be together in a subgroup to Lab Coordinator Nada Ibrahim Saadeldin e-mail:  before Wednesday, 04/11/2020.

CMSE491 Lab 3 NTRU for polynomials 6-13.12.2019. To be reported 13.12.2019

CMSE491 Lab 2 GLR attack on NTRU for integers, 1-29.11.2019. To be reported 29.11.2019