CMPE553 - Cryptography and Network Security

01.12.2020. CMPE553 Quiz1 30.11.2020 solutions are here

25.11.2020. Quiz1 30.11.2020 and MT 07.12.2020, both 16.30, will cover the following updated materaials:  Classical encryption tecchniques, Ch. 3 DES (till one round description by two formulas, including ). The updated materials are available in Lecture notes tab, week ok of 23.11.2020 and in MS Teams/Files/Course materials

23.11.2020. Quiz-1  will be held on Monday, 30.11.2020, 16.30. MT Exam will be conducted on Monday, 07.12.2020, 16.30. Coverage includes Classical encryption techniques (1 part), DES (including round scheme).

07.11.2020. CMPE553 Fall2020 Term Project task is available in Homeworks tab