CMPE553 - Cryptography and Network Security

27.11.2022. Solutions to Quiz1 25.11.2022, are here

25.11.2022. CMPE-553 Quiz-1 will be today, 25.11.2022, 16.30, CMPE-034

16.11.2022. Dear Students, an extra session will be held today 16.11.2022, 16.30, CMPE-127

13.11.2022. Quiz1 (25.11.2022, Friday, 16.30) and MT Exam (8.12.2022, Thursday, 16.30) will cover the following Lecture notes materials:  Classical encryption techniques, Classical encryption techniques, (cont), DES (p. 1-7 included; Avalanche effect and the rest is not included). AES Part 1(included starting from p. 5, The AES cipher, to p. 11 (the last three lines on p. 11 are not included)), AES Part 2 (included starting from p. 2, Shift rows transformation, to p. 4 (the last 5 lines on p. 4 not included), and Add round key transformation on p. 6 included). . Three A4-sized hand-written cheat sheets can be used. Other materials are not allowed. Calculators, telephones, etc. are not allowed. Copies are not allowed and will deserve zero.

27.10.2022. Term Project Task Fall 2022 is available in Homeworks and Teams. Reporting 02.01.2023