CMPE312 - Software Engineering

17.06.2020. Final Exam CMPE312 18.06.2020, 12.30 requirements are here.  Please, follow them exactly. Good Luck!

16.06.2020. Quiz 12.06.2020. solutions are here. Quiz grades will be announced together with the Final Exam 18.06.2020, 12.30, grades

09.06.2020. Quiz will be on Friday, June 12, 10.30. Please, be prepared to make pdf file from the photos of your hand-written pages with your answers. Answers shall be readable. Each page shall be numbered, signed by you, and your name, surname, student id number shall be specified. In the pdf file, pages shall go in the order of their numbers. Your pdf file shall be named as "CMPE312 Quiz <STUDENTID>.pdf", e.g., "CMPE312 QUIZ 111222.pdf". See you on Friday, Good luck!

05.06.2020. Quiz (5 points) will be conducted on-line on 12.06.2020, 10.30, The Quiz will resesmble the Final Exam (50 points), The Quiz and Final Exam cover the following subjects from Lecture Notes: 3-4 Project management, 5 Software development process models, 6 Cost estimation, 7 COCOMO,8 Requirements, 10 Software quality management (slides 1-58), Software configuration management. The Quiz and Final Exam are open book. Copies are not allowed and will be zero graded. You will need timely uploading in the Microsoft Chanel your handwritten answers as pdf files. Note: Chapter 9  Project scheduling and tracking is not included in the scope.

21.04.2020. Updated Lecture notes material on Ch 6 Project metric is posted for the week of 20.04.2020 and marked by yellow

12.04.2020. CMPE312 Term Project Final Presentation is shifted from May 18 to June  10  8, 2020 (updated 14.04.2020)

12.04.2020. Design Presentation will be on May  04, 2020

23.03.2020. Dear Students! According to information from the Chairman, we shall continue our classes on March 30, 2020, online. We shall continue discussing materials already posted on the course web site. I wish you all the best, take care. If you have any questions, ccontact me, please

01.03.2020. Lab 1 will take place 02-09.03.2020 with reporting on 16.03.2020. Term project task is available in Homeworks