17.01.2020. Quiz2 and FE results are available in the portal. FE solutions are here. A meeting on the Quiz2 and FE results will be held on Monday, 20.01.2020, 16.00, CMPE128. Make-Up Exam will be held 21.01.2020, 12.00, CMPE129

13.01.2020. I will be in the Department after 2 pm

29.12.2019. Quiz2 27.12.2019 solutions are here

27.12.2019. CMPE552 Quiz2 place is CMPE128

19.12.2019. Quiz2 and Final Exam will be held on 27.12.2019, Friday, 16.30, and 13.01.2019, Monday, 16.30, respectively. They will be comprehensive covering before MT Exam questions (33%): Security of information systems, Protection of passwords, and Trusted systems (p. 1-8);

and after MT Exam questions (67%): Trusted systems (p. 9), Digital signature (full material). Quiz2  and FE are closed book. Calculators are allowed. Other electronic devices are not allowed. Modified 10.01.2020

27.11.2019. Quiz1 11.11.2019 and MT Exam 26.11.2019 results are available in the student portal. MT Exam solutions are here. The papers will be available for you on Monday, 2.12.2019, 11.30, CMPE128

20.11.2019. 14.50. CMPE552 MT Exam will be held on Tuesday, 26.11.2019, 16.30, at CMPE128

19.11.2019, 13..50. Dear Students, I've got a request to move our MT exam from 22.11.2019, Friday, 16.30, to 26.11.2019, Tuesday, 16.30. Please, send me a e-mail with your decision on the issue (pro or contra). If all the students will be pro, we shall change the date. Waiting for your kind responses till 20.11.2019, Wednesday, 2 pm. Thank you

14.11.2019. Results of voting 11-14.11.2019 for MT Exam date are given  below

Against (Initials, date of writing)

TS, 11.11.19;



AF, 12.11.19;

TS, 11.11.19;



In favor

(Initials, date of writing)

AE, 12.11.19, after 16.00    

LA, 12.11.19;

RN, 12.11.19

CMPE552 MT Exam will be conducted 22.11.2019, 16.30. Place will be announced later

12.11.2019. Quiz1 11.11.2019 solution is here. Please, send me today your constraints on the next week 18-23.11.2019, if any, to decide on the MT Exam date. It will be announced tomorrow, 13.11.2019 based on your constraints.

11.11.2019. Quiz1 will be held today, 11.11.2019, 16.30, at CMPE-128. MT Exam time  26.11.2019, 18.00, was not approved by Chairman, thus, it is moved to 18.11.2019, 16.30???still under the question ; place will be announced later.

04.11.2019. Quiz1 and MT exam will be held on 11.11.2019, Monday, 16.30, and 26.11.2019, Tuesday, 18.00, respectively. They will cover: Security of information systems, Protection of passwords, and Trusted systems (p. 1-8). Exam is closed book. Calculators and other electronic devices are not allowed.

23.10.2019. CMPE552 Fall2019 Term Project Task is available in Homeworks. Deadline for the topics selection is 31.10.2019