22.01.2021. Final Exam 23.01.2021, 18.15 (Local time) instructions

19.01.2021. Final Exam 23.01.2021, 18.15, will be comprehensive covering before MT Exam subjects (Security requirements, Access control models, and DES (till avalanche effect, including) ) with 33 out of 100 points totally, and after MT Exam subjects (DES (after avalanche effect), AES (excluding S-boxes building, MixColumn matrices inversion, and representation by polynomials; all AES transformations are included), RSA, Digital signatures) weighed by 67 out of 100 points. Hill cipher is not included. The exam will be in MS Teams,as MT Exam. Last updated materials are available in Lecture Notes tab, week of 18.01.2021

11.01.2021. Dear Students, when submitting the Term Project report, you will agree on the time of the project demonstration (20 minutes a team) in which you as a team will demonstrate to an Evaluator your application and answer related questions. Questions are individual, grading is individual

06.01.2021. Term Project reporting is shifted from January 11, 2021, to January 13,2021

01.01.2021. Lab 3 DES reporting is shifted from January 6, 2021, to January 13,2021. Happy New Year!

18.12.2020. CMSE353 Lab 3 DES is available in Labs and in Teams. To be reported 06.01.2021

16.12.2020. CMSE353 Lab 2 reporting is shifted to December 30, 2020

24.11.2020. MT exam 11.12.2020, 14.30, will cover the following materials: Security requirements, Access control models, and DES (till avalanche effect, including) with all updates made in the lectures. Updated materials are available in Lecture notes tab, week of 23.11.2020, and in MS Teams/Files/Course materials

19.11.2020.  Lab 1 description, unfortunately, was shown not updated. Now, it is updated, and it specifies: "Also, a Winrar archive shall be provided with all the lab related materials (report, sources, executable, etc.)." Please, provide not only pdf report, but also all related materials as well, in particular, related to Section 9, examples 31-33

19.11.2020. CMSE353 Lab 1 reporting is shifted from 18.11.2020 to 25.11.2020. Lab 2 is to be reported on 23.12.2020.

17.11.2020. Lab 2 Implementation of Linux-like ACM task is available in Labs tab. To be defended 23.12.2020

07.11.2020. CMSE353 Fall2020 Term Project task is available in Homeworks tab