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CMSE492 Selected Topics in Software Engineering II

Instructor: Alexander G. Chefranov  Email : alexander.chefranov@emu.edu.tr | Office Location : CMPE219 | Phone # : 03926301190

Lab Coordinator:  Nada Ibrahim Saadeldin
Office Location : | e-mail : nada.kollah@emu.edu.tr


If you miss a midterm or final exam, you can take the make-up exam for the missed exam (only one) if you have valid excuses (e.g., you are sick) and provide material evidence for it (e.g., a doctor's report which must be issued/approved by EMU Health Center) within 3 working days of the exam.

Tuesday 8:30-10:20, Room CMPE 129

Wednesday 12:30-14:20, Room CMPE 129

Thursday 18:30-20:20, Room CMPE 238 (LAB) 

Welcome to CMSE492 Selected Topics in Software Engineering II