24.05.2024. Dear Students, Term Project due is postponed to May 28, 16.00. Assignment in Teams will be posted for submission

06.04.2024. Quiz1 25.03.2024 and MT Exam 02.04.2024 results are posted in the portal. Solutions to MT Exam are here. The papers can be viewed on Monday, 15.04.2024, 17.00-17.30, CMPE-219

26.03.2024. CMSE-512 Quiz1 solutions are here

20.03.2024. Quiz1 25.03.2024, 16.30, and MT Exam 02.04.2024, 16.30, will be in CMPE-127

19.03.2024. CMSE512 Quiz1 25.03.2024, 16.30, and MT Exam 02.04.2024, 16.30, will cover the following subjects: 1) Security of Information Systems; 2) Protection of passwords; 3) RSA algorithm; and 4) DES (the last included is PC-1). Three A-4 sized cheat sheets with your own handwriting can be used for your help.  Calulators are allowed. Telephones and other electronic devices are not allowed.

13.03.2024. CMSE-512 Term Project Task is available in Homeworks. To be reported 27.05.2024. Notify me, please about your teams latest by March, 20, 2024. Later notification will be penalized by 2 points off per day