CMSE 514 Web Technologies and Services

The course discusses: WEB 2.0 technologies. Influence of WEB 2.0 over business and society. Web 3.0 and semantic web concepts and technologies. Web 3.0 applications and management of web data. Web services overview. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Web Services Description Language (WSDL). Universal Description, Discovery & Integration (UDDI). Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). XML technologies. Web services interaction protocol and description with J2EE technologies. Web service discovery and composition. Programming stage of this course, students will use different tools as follows: Client Side (e.g., HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery and JSON), Server Side (e.g., Servlets, JSP, Java Beans, JAX-RS for RESTful services), Database (e.g., MySQL) and Knowledgebase (e.g., RDF, OWL, etc.). Future trend in web technologies and services. The students will be supported with sufficient knowledge on software engineering design and analysis practices by taking this course that provide successfully initialize a project, develop the project, and finalize a software project successfully.