Assistant Information

Name:  Selin Bitirim (coordinator) and İmren Toprak

E-mail: &

Office:  CMPE203 & CMPE 202

Office Tel:  0 392 630 1191 &  0 392 630 1626

Lab Schedule

Semantic Web Programming Tools for Labs (Find them in Lecture Notes):

  • netbeans-8.2-windows
  • owlapi-3.x / owlapi-4.x / owlapi-5.x
  • Protege-5.2.0-win
  • swrlapi-master
  • pellet-owlapi.jar or pellet-master
Weeks 3-4Introduce Protégé 5 editor and other Semantic Web tools.
Weeks 5-6Developing an ontology.
Weeks 6-7Creating a decision table for generating SWRL and SQWRL rules of the application.
Weeks 9-12Using NetBeans 8.x Java Framework for Semantic Web Programming. Students will use some well-known Ontology Parser APIs and Ontology Reasoner APIs for managing their ontologies. This exercise will involve Database, GUI/Web/Mobile applications, Ontology to create an Expert Knowledgebase System application.