Student Assignment Package is here! 

Note: you can find some sample projects from previous semesters inside the package.

Important Dates for Assignment

Week 7: 06.11.2019

*Assignment Stage 1: %10 (Submission of Project Planning & Management / Proposal Report to course asistant)

Week 11: 03.12.2019

*Assignment Stage 2: %15 (Presentation & SRS Intermediate Report Submission) 

1)Presentation (a ppt) and 2)submission of the project reports will be submitted to instructor during lecture hour. 

Week 14: 18.12.2019


*Assignment Stage 3: %15 (Final Report + Demonstartion of Program+ Presentation)

1) Presentation (a ppt), 2) Demonstrations of your program, and 3) submission of the project reports will be submitted to instructor during lecture hour. 

Students will use three report templates which are given in the STUDENT_PROJECT_PACKAGE folder.