Lab Schedule

Weeks 2-3

Discussing Project Proposal Documentation, Preparing Gantt Chart and Project Feasibility via MS Project Tool, Preparing Organization Chart.

Week 4-5

Changing/Adding New Customer Requirements, PERT, CPM, Crashing and COCOMO II techniques for estimations of time and budget, supporting students for intermediate presentations.

Weeks 6-7

Examples on Project Management Tools: Process map, brainstorming, quality functional deployment, the Kano model, affinity diagrams, fishbone diagrams, check sheets, Pareto charts, Nominal Grouping Technique, Delphi technique, SWOT analysis, and burndown charts.

Weeks 8-9

Meeting with each team to help ongoing activities for their project in design & developing.

Weeks 11-12

Discussing Testing/Maintenance activities for software projects, discussion about testing activities for software projects, supporting students for their final presentations.

Students will prepare 3 reports for their project during the semester and presents their studies:

1-First_Project_Report_Template_Proposal-PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT REPORT

2-Intermediate_Project_Report_Template-SRS REPORT

3-Final_Project_Report_Template-FINAL REPORT