IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT (updated 20.09.2023):

Policy on missed labs: There will be no makeup for missed labs. If you cannot attend a lab for any reason, you should contact your assistant beforehand so that you can present your work in advance.

You can download all your LAB materials here

You can download Tutorials (Video Records) prepared by the course assistant for the following questions:

  1. How you create an Organization Chart (using Lucid Chart) for your PPM?

  2. How you create a WBS (using Excell tool) for your PPM?

  3. How you create a Gantt Chart (using MS Project Tool) for your PPM?

  4. How you create a Network Diagram and apply CPM analysis on a SW Project (using WBS) for your PPM?

  5. How you apply PERT analysis on a SW Project (using WBS) for your PPM?

  6. How you develop a SRS report for your project?